Magitime World Cup Edition 7

Keep track of your Internet activity

Despite the proliferation of broadband connections these days, it´s still wise to use an uptime calculator to monitor your Net activity, especially if you´re still a dial-up user. This program allows you to monitor every aspect of your connection and act accordingly.

Besides measuring how long you´ve been online, Magitime also shows your IP address, calculates the traffic of sent and received data, the speed at which you have been connected, when you were connected, the time that you take accumulated, etc.

The program also allows you to set up alarms, and incorporates a chronometer, a time synchronizer and a utility to block the PC from outside use. All in all, this makes for a useful addition to your PC´s toolkit.



Magitime World Cup Edition 7

User reviews about Magitime

  • jthornton

    by jthornton

    "Where's all the football?"

    Magitime is OK at recording how much time you're online and produces lots of stats and figures that might be interest...   More.